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What element of the marketing mix you think is more important to place products or services to your target market? Why. I was happy to learn … The mixture is a set of variables that are offered to the customer. These include the product or service itself (its advantages); their availability (where and when available, issued or distributed); your image (the way it is promoted) and, of course, the price to be loaded . These are some of the ingredients that a marketing manager must mix to optimize a limited amount of resources. What is the best combination? A marketing manager has to juggle resources and decide on the best marketing mix. If the money was spent or lost: Prices? Products I'mproved? New delivery trucks? Or maybe invest all your money in a television advertising campaign high risk? Did you recognize the 4Ps there? In 1960 Jerome McCarthey presented the 4 P for the world. Since then, the marketing managers around the world are familiar with them. Can you remember? In addition to the $ 4, there are other approaches to the mixture. These are explored under subtopic "different approaches" as shown in the map title.

Embed or download the original HD video on your website or blog for free via www. Explania. Com or watch even more animations www. Explania. Com This animation explains what Marketing ROI (ROMI), you can calculate how and why it is so important for a marketing director. Many CEOs are convinced that marketing is critical to business success. But marketing is often the first budget to be cut when times get tough. So how can you justify your marketing efforts? It's simple by calculating marketing "ROI". In other words, your marketing "Return on Investment".

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  1. Depends. What is your target market? We should also study your company's strategic plan. There could be a variety of answers to this question.

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