Social Media Strategist

What, to write a blog on myspace, fb, foursquare. After shopping around, I discovered – and the choice of earning cash is a web 2. 0 strategist would contact companies to cope more effectively with their web 2. 0 profiles. Some social networks ConsultantsVersusStrategists receive a lot of money to build andAndor handle most of these Web sites for businesses. In the event that appears on all websites Twitter report for large companies like Coca Soda pop, and Nike, an individual was driving the strategies in their bids. Many people inside, along with other providers sometimes hire an individual specialist. Hope this helps.

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  1. Sign in Odesk and Elance, and see the opportunities of social media marketing work there. There are a lot of companies and lone entrepreneurs who are in need of help social media, and is also beneficial based on their skills.

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