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How has social media marketing and encourages the use of English proceedings (books etc.) My company is looking for both good and bad results. Thank you. Basically – is actually a space too large for a single problem. But such simple things as a text message speak. . We have children getting job opportunities applying this. Common language skills are being replaced, but if this can be superiorPerpoor or optimisticPerbad depends on how it sees. Traditionalists say it is definitely poor. But I can also see your signature stand that says no matter, which is usually more issues that we are able to connect, however, carry it out. A new language is being unveiled. . Blogging as an example. Also the belief that many people can see her phrase author usually means providing a greater result. . , The adjustments we make for a larger worldwide audience can have an impact. Things like the shade as an alternative to coloring. Terms and national conditions, as "Sodder 'instead of' welding 'British regular islands .. Or lightweight aluminum metal exchange. Takes more social networks on the way to adding these adjustments help greatly around the world nature. I can say broadly transform English language (especially when composed informally), will remain a number of devout traditionalists, on the other hand feel that they are ignored and intake diverge extremely common in the 'correct' use.

Video Social Media 2013: Social Media Revolution 4 was written by international best selling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman. It is part of a series of social media videos are the most watched in the world. Erik thank everyone for their ideas and support. Video produced by productions equalman

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  1. What good pregunta.Lo good: Simplified it. Now people get to the point. I think because of the nature of the conversation quickly and shortened and even the use of simpler words helped us to communicate with each other mejor.Lo bad: You can not write. We have turned our language that was once beautiful in a sort of mix between numbers, letters and symbols, and it is only in the context of a single floor.-Renee '

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