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Nil. I think I found an answer. I agree with Ajay, a few additions: – CSR or social marketing work for an organization known, which is practiced by well-established org. Only. Org CSR newborn. It has no value except for NGOs working with Govt. Collaboration at a social cause. 1-This takes a lot of hell from the investment practice of CSR. 2-The return on investment is not visible in the short term, but brings in the cash inflow and goodwill in the market in the long term. 3 – Example: Tata, Idea, Aircel (Save our campaign tigre, 1411 magic does not.) 4-CSR doesnot indicate responsibility towards society people but sends knowledgable + impression that the common man and brings activities image as goodwill and brand. 5-So immotional NEVER get the time next time you come through this campaign, is a unique marketing tool.

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  1. It's like corporate social responsibility. There can be no short-term gains. But in the long term this is a good way to build a brand image liable. Take example of Tata Tea Jago re ads or Idea is what a sirji idea.

  2. Social media is the main base for marketing, since they are the king of the market and we have to provide in their decisions. Social means societalnd is nothing but people who get paid and on which to base got our bread. Meeting their needs, then we can only expand our business as a healthy tree.

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