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I've been working in the Film / TV / commercial and advertising in New York for years. Now I am living in Germany and have to translate my resume. Unfortunately, a regular translator such as Google Translate does not really translate these things correctly. ** And before I scream. . I just started my German class B1, however, the class does not cover this kind of thing too. Any ideas on how to translate the following: 13 years experience working in film, television and commercial production in all major departments. Experience working as Associate Producer, Producer and Producer Ground Segment. Expert in overseeing the video editing sessions. He worked as a stage manager, stage manager 2, 1 Deputy Director and Assistant Director seconds. Diploma in Production Management, Research and Production Coordinator. Accomplished at work as an audience coordinator Talent / Casting Coordinator and Location Manager. Practiced in the creation and manipulation of basic lighting for spa sessions and interviews. Fully trained in all administrative tasks and procedures. Correspondence: Handling high volume phone and email, while managing and correspondence between offices. Experience working with the Department of Creative Development. Mastered in Character Development and Design for print and broadcast. Brand Management, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Experience and content. Schreiben: Blogs, screenplays, treatments, pitch books, copy books and pre-production. Trained in the launch and development of stories, segments and pilots. Cast principal talent, background, participants and the public. Practiced in driving man-in-the-street, curd and red carpet interviews. Digitale Fotografie: Shopping, fashion, travel, photojournalism, portrait and still (in games). Photo editing, manipulation and retouching. Illustration: Including print work, fashion and clothing design, children's books, storyboards, and in the air. Versed in set design, decoration and design trends. Work with Proposition Department (purchasing, design, construction, accessories, etc.) In-camera experience and talent. PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS helpful replies. I try to help others by answering questions very well and I hope that people will do the same for me. Essentially – I usually love to help, but there are many words that are very difficult to translate correctly because it's specialized vocabulary. Maybe you should get a professional translator for it. It is only one page so you do not have to be too expensive and then you can be sure that the text is correct.

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