Social Media Integration

Seeking a segment of Drupal to help me to combine facebook or myspace sign in, sign and yahoo facebook account and would like to create discussions on social networking sites. I saw some of them, but not able to choose one Intergrated strong social websites such as access, discuss, forcing mate, capture information, and so on. From what I can tell … We used part of Cultural login () by loginradius. It really works properly, high quality, plus they have all the features as interpersonal giving, social Conversely, user profile data and accessibility based on need that 100% fits our requirement. Vehicle, its very responsive customer solve their complete editions quickly.

Unisys Speak to Facebook allows users to update their Facebook status by voice. The new Facebook status will then be posted as text (via voice to text) in user's Facebook wall as well as a link to listen to this status update and voice.

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