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I'm issuing a bias ingenious work great-go effortlessly authentic voice and instrumentation. I know it's your art, but I need the help of an artist or designer. The work will be seen by many (social networking sites, blogs and forums, websites). If hired, says me and we can talk and identify confidential facts. Or if you have any technical thoughts to help, he said. Thank you. What I realized was – Choose an independent musician. You will have to recommend rate for those applying, and probably should not do yourself browsing and job seekers will be industry experts independent (usually). Create an ad on Elance. Com or perhaps a web page like this

Awesome-Sauce 10 Social Media Blogs. Add your favorites to the comments. Renae XOXO. Blog with all social media Blogs Men. . .

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  1. Hey, a good option is to look Deviantart, go sign up (it's really free) look everywhere art work you want then you can certainly contact the individual artists and see if they can give you a hand. Most want a version of a cost, but not all it's well worth a look. Good luck 🙂

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