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Public relations and social media managment and analysis of people? For someone who cleaned out of college or university that has a degree channels of media, public relations certification, as well as a small advertising? Can you imagine. Today I discovered that … Hey there. Briefly finished college 2 years ago and my main payback was USD35, 000 for any large high advertising company advertising and marketing dollar. I recently returned after a compact corporation advertising and marketing control and now we have recruited staff directly from school to Bucks32, 500. Frequent for me now for a free lance strategist social websites and find that I can appeal to businesses with social media demands, but within a strict budget. Doing work with makes anywhere from Money250 a month to USD1, 000 per month. Hope this helps.

Take a brief tour of SAS Social Media Analytics and see some of the features and reporting that are in the solution. For more information about SAS Social Media Analytics, visit www. Sas. Com

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