Social Media 101

I'm going for an interview on a news station and I'm reviewing my resume. The interview is a boarding school, and I am a student enrolled. My resume format is. Resume email address of___ home phone cell phone Objective: To continue and to prove my writing skills in a career summary: Understanding of social media Strong writing skills education: Monroe Community College: 2006-present, non-matriculated students Courses taken were: Journalism Script Introduction to Media Literacy Media Media and Society English English 101 200 Interpersonal communication Speaking Currently public takes an average of 3. 555 Recommended for Monroe Community College "Writing across the curriculum", which include intensive writing courses. Experience: Wrote for newspapers Monroe Community College, Monroe Doctrine wrote to Webster, NY In Publication Loop wrote for the publication of Marion, New York, The Voice Marion wrote the script for the news program in the press I have a high school school professional portfolio and personal work work experience available upon request of the Union Hill County Grill: 2006-2010 Webster Dish / file kid clear tables, wash dishes cold stock, versatile Burger King2006-worker This kitchen helper cook grill, take trash, washing dishes, versatile worker think it looks good, but my work experience could use the Creo. I do not like the sound of "open the tables, take trash" and "versatile worker." I am who I do and stuff, but it sounds great. Well, I have the answer here. Dishwasher you could say something. . Responsibilities Dishwasher / storage include: Maintenance of the kitchen in general and overall inventory management. He looked over the cleanliness of the dining rooms (second sentence needs work) for a kitchen assistant. . . . Do not say the kitchen worker try to find a more general term. But the same concept. I. E. Preparation and cooking of food. General maintenance of kitchen

Jamie O'Donnell, SEO-PR, interviews SES New York 2010 speaker, Liana "Li" Evans, Serengeti Communications in his presentation on the topic of social media 101. Li begins by describing the challenge to try to catch all the coverage of social media and relevant says his company uses a proprietary tool, along with Google search to capture the relevant influencing factors and to obtain as complete a report coverage of social media as possible. To keep track of growing demographic of those who use social media platforms like Facebook, Li said his company subscribes to a number of web publishing industry as Econsultancy eMarketer and incorporating research and statistics on these users. It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to obtain an overview of social media users, according to Li. For more information on these statements in the SES, please visit: Www. Searchenginestrategies. Fore more information on Communications Com Serengeti please visit www. Serengeticom. Com

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