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I have two ideas of business. The first is a professional cleaning service for people with disabilities. Where I can find information about that? My second idea is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in helping companies to market their products to people with disabilities. Can anybody help. After looking around, I learned – The Small Business Administration help people with these things, local community colleges generally have departments that are connected with the SBA and help with the planning of business ideas and help with how to market and design the plan for the loan. You can hire a company to help, but I would not. They have money to loan only to women in business. Call your local SBA office and ask for references and help. Good Luck.

Business Marketing Consulting helps companies to promote their products and services on the Internet quickly. You can now compete on equal terms with all the great players that use our custom lead generation videos. We have a limited number of free videos offered to potential clients in exchange for testimony. Lets face it business is about helping each other to succeed, why do not we go get your overall message.

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