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. Currently discovered that … This may be the social media marketing is marketing through the use of web sites, online communities, blogs, wikis or other means of advertising, sales, public relations and customer satisfaction. Preferred types today are twitter, myspace, youtube. Com, linkedin and blogs. In the context of online social media marketing means a combined list of the properties of the web site and its content articles are created primarily by customers, not drive site staff. Such as Yahoo. Replies content is primarely by users for users, or Youtube Beyonc presentations are created by customers. Also in Rentate used the facebook marketing for the promotion of unfilled condominium, rental advertising or selling products easier advertisements residence. Although Rentate is in the process of real estate management internet, leased to post their homes in twitting, facebook, web sites like MySpace, and several other oodle classifieds.

Go to issues 0:25 2:30 Introductions & Housekeeping Social Media is I'mportant? Facebook 4:07 – 5:31 some important things About using social media to push a Me. . .

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  1. Here's a media short training video online in which advertising is social media and how to carry it out very well:

  2. The social internet marketing refers back to the steps to get traffic or attention to social networking sites. Offering or advertising and marketing as a result of Web 2. 0, as tweets, zynga, web sites, etc..

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