We are visiting higher education in the slide but im confused. I have been established in the marketing within higher education and I was thinking of specializing in advertising. However, do not really know what I must be imagining what marketing really is. I want to be the one that will put together the ad. I do not want to be allowed to create the idea only because of it. Is that what the advertising would be a story or I can go to the disciplines and sciences? Thank you. Are you aware of what he found? Advertising is definitely the overall plan for a productVersusplace and so on. . From television to the advertising banners and r / c TV ads and creating a sense giving dollars to the local hockey staff, advertising does everything, and promotion is a small part of her. What you long for can be a graphic artist.

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  1. Promotion may be all set. It involves many techniques to allow the concept that will get what you're seeing right audience at the right time. It is also possible to include a program – from the pair of services or products offered to anyone in just a form of persona.Por so. . . Lead-mail, websites, email campaigns, stereo, TV, newspapers, magazines, signs, graphics, catalogs, text cell phones, glossy papers, attachements, letterhead – not to mention a timetable for beings want ads are ubicacin.Si Inchesthink of publicity "that often has to be an editor. Graphics and work material copywriting as a whole but as an editor, which (naturally) to imagine what tend to be crucial in comparison with the work of arte.De fact, negative work in each of them can damage the ad – but you can do with graphic design advertising out if they carry out email campaigns, ads radio station, and so sucesivamente.A despite everything you want to do is reply or graphic design, excellent know-how of all components of marketing and advertising delivery (and buyers) correctly.

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