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I work for a large company and help them get noticed through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc would be more beneficial to major in Advertising / Public Relations and Marketing (I am a freshman in college). Also, what kind of places offer jobs like this? Thank you. Basically … Hello, there are plenty of sites offering freelance social media marketing jobs as oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and Ajeva. These sites help employers hire, manage and pay remote or autonomous teams. Just sign up at any of the places mentioned above and look for jobs SMM, if you have knowledge in Social Media Marketing to ensure that you will be hired. Social Media Marketing is a fun job, especially for those who have a penchant for "interaction". Goodluck.

Engage your prospects and customers in the conversation you want to have with them. – Jamie

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  1. Any Advertising / Public relations and marketing are good places to start, some universities have degrees of digital marketing, such as the University of Washington that focus specifically on social, SEO, SEM and digital marketing. The best bet of all is to start your own blog, facebook and twitter to learn the ropes about driving traffic, involving other bloggers and build a comunidad.Obtener experience as much as you can – in most major cities there incubators or community workspaces where startups are formed and are always looking for people to help market your new product or Web application. Great way to get your feet mojados.Aqu is an infographic I made in the daily tasks of a community manager online that can help with what people are looking for

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