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I have to redo the format for the brochure of the services we offer as it is now old, any thoughts on the new formats that could be used, graphics and text layout. Essentially – I work with many companies to update the materials, and one of the first things you notice is that the language is "we" not focused "than" concentrated. To hook the reader, your copy should be written not only to list the characteristics of the product, but also to tell the reader what benefits your product can offer. For example, to get a checking account does not simply mean "No service charge." You mean "Save money, no service charge." Spend some time planning your brochure and find just the right photos and graphics. Another thing I see is often simply too many graphics that do not fit. The graphics should not be there to fill space. They must be there to support the copy. You did not say whether it would make writing and design, or if someone else would. I have a small consulting company, but I have a website full of free advice for small business owners. I provided a link to the next page booklet. Once there, you may also want to read some of the other pages, such as copywriting. There are also links to sources of cheap photographs, royalty-free actions and self-employed writing and graphic design.

Www. Localmapkahuna. Broadcast Commission and Social Kahuna Kahuna site are all small business services marketing can help any business get more exposure and more potential customers. You can call us at 1 – 888-488-2066 You can Google "Broadcast Kahuna", "Kahuna Local Map" or "Kahuna social site" for more information. To visit our corporate website at http you can find a wealth of resources for small business services marketing and get a lot of answers to your questions free videos and articles. Feel free to call us at 888-488-2066

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