Promotion Management includes collecting concentrated in markets that not only get leads, but also include existing types. This is a subject company, which is based on the exploration and application approach simple advertising models and control of the marketing and advertising options. He who does very well in this area is recognized as marketing director. The race director for promotion would impact the timing and level of customer demand from customers in order to keep the benefits. This work will depend on the size of the company and the environment, while the company's business. Like if you are working on the creation of a large company, he will be the general manager of its specific category solution used in it, and he will be responsible for profit and dependent decrease in the article. Along with the organization can not find any marketing manager as activity is absorbed by the companions of the organization.Making and conversing best beliefs buyer can increase the number of buyers. The techniques used and the means to keep current customers and find potential customers are classified in marketing management. The environment is very large because it contains not only a product, but also to preserve it. The idea of advertising and marketing monitoring has several explanations. It really depends on the person and how corporations the ability to promote division and exercises other business sectors such as finance, cost and buyers. Before choosing an Internet marketing strategy, the company has to take an exam in detail with respect to small businesses and market. This is the time to market and manage advertising merges with the organization of the preparation. Usually advertising tactics are some forms, examination of consumers, the review and evaluation of business competition. Using the test purchaser, the market is divided into different types of buyers. The marketing and advertising management recognizing and other specific equipment. They can be geographic location, demographic, customer behavior shows and want. As a group of people can identify who is capable of being less sensitive quantity, often purchasing and developing. Bring more business could be handled by investment weight as they are really worth the money. They can not keep only to such buyers and produce new customers with this team, but they can look at the actual size returned to consumers who are not involved in this collection. Learning objectives can require that users generally to meet each of their achievements, much better than the competitors, that could gain better income and totally obvious. Business construction and evaluation shows the average price of the company and place to compare spending competition. Sales agents use to find the money she receives a specific item. From time to time, audits are done to analyze in relation to the strengths of various manufacturers with the organization. Marketing experts assembled applying proficiency examination depth profiles only buyer. Provides answers regarding the pros and cons of the company over a competitor. The form of price competition, the resources, the establishment of competition, the number line is integrated, product or service differentiation, and revenue is analyzed in detail and are compared to what customers are conducting in all respects.Managing to complete study promotion advertising marketing and advertising task. The most typical of these experiments are promotional duties qualitative, quantitative research promotion, and strategies experhymental observational strategies. In fact, studies and experiments are performed, it is easier for marketing and advertising to generate head right decisions can usually design and style advertising tactics to increase profits and revenues of these companies. The conflicting objectives might be income over time, the market share and sales development. PPPPP Word Count 587

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