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. After looking around, I learned — Now-a-days marketing for any business is essential, however small business needs more attention as they require promotion of their business competing with the big players of the market. Also they need more exposure to reach to their targeted audience as they don’t have a brand associated with them. Extensive marketing is required to set them as a brand and once the business is set as brand, they can market for the continuous inquiries and leads. All the best.

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  1. For the simple reason that your target market is more than likely searching for your product or service online via a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

    If you are a dentist in Detroit and you just have a Yellow Pages ad I can almost assure you that one of your competitors down the street has a locally search engine optimized website with a lead generation form and they are reaping the benefits on online marketing.

    Here is a cool quick video that may help:

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