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Hello, I personally I have very good here could only get advice from people who have been associated with learning or film business that appears, while no one in my family with experience in the subject. I love the wonderful theater my heart, so I would like to be receiving instruction in the operation, yet did not want a career in the operation supervisionVersus promoting small business relationsVersus public company, as it is more convenient and secure. I read that a large number of schools do not show non-theater major in their exhibitions, so it might be something to consider. My question for you is, how difficult would be a major ambiguity is that there are plenty of benefits in conducting a double major rather large, and a small? However, I would like to own exciting distant relative while attending school and becoming entangled in some practices. Thank you. Properly, I have the way to go here. Any college with a decent film unit wait for you to try on a large or small in the theater. The theater is definitely a strenuous key. It will require loads of your efforts beyond college class. Many universities only allow major films / children to consider any group within the film department. My son was a double major in dance. Was agile. But nevertheless experienced leisure

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