Business Marketing Plan Template

I know how to put together business plans, but I'm looking for a specific model for writing a plan for an IT Pro, Managed Services and hardware / software of the practice / business within a much larger entity (a $ 80 million in a dollar of $ 15 billion Corp). We depend heavily on the largest corporation, but there must be a plan to meet revenue targets as a smaller entity. We are a technical sales team, but have separate Product, Marketing, Services, divisions of government. However, our administration wants to see a plan that uses separate groups, but is driven by the core team of sales. We are not self-sufficient, but must be able to dictate what these other teams give us. Any help in this area would be helpful (for example, who has done so effectively, templates of business plans, other resources). Thank you. Well, I have the answer here. I have no response, but I suggest you put this in an appropriate forum on LinkedIn or similar sites, which focus on business networking.

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