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Now I am in the international company (beginner) and I was considering changing the marketing and advertising today. Now I'm just on the outside of the small business from my mother think it's very good for me, but I have to advertise. Should be proficient in few-all five dialects for the end of school (4 years), graduate student by a major advertising and even eventually operator, does it want to get a good job? Or foreign companies, however, be greater? I am aware that I In. Adhering to my heart, In. But in my case should really stick to the direction for filling the portfolio. Hehe. I must marry and relax that's another reason I'm still worried over international business. . We have traveled elsewhere today. I'm sure someone else within my spouse and children who make more than half-a-billion money each year from advertising and marketing. . But I still worry: Versus Would a major company with full awareness of marketing is the ideal choice or important this business, along with foreign better approach? I'll be fluent in at least a few spoken languages by the time I move so it could help in marketing? It is necessary to suggest any answers. . >

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  1. It would not make much of a distinction. You could select marketing and publicity, and then make any small international company. Statement is worldwide, so almost all small businesses have areas worldwide. Once you discover oral languages, the assistance of a lot of power some employment.

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