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I will go to the trading company and should not, in fact, determine if the advertising or marketing and management (current administration) is perfect for me. What is down to each one and what exactly are some differences in the same way. Shortly after talking to others online, I've found the right formula. Advertising and marketing is seeking a market where the product is often marketed. Its essence, the entire process of advertising, advertisng, have a product only to a certain market, creating an example to suit your promotional mix. Management is the method that you convey your business to track anything. His beer organize, prepare, manage and control resources that can be anything

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  1. In advertising and marketing, which is considering selling an item. In operations that are learning to work factors. A small business leader is higher than the marketing and advertising, but the promotion is that you have a creativo.Supongo impressive. How to sell – which will market it. How to deal with the business enterprise? You will manage the funds that marketing and advertising you receive. You can be innovative with the administration and go steal me a lot ms.Realmente at work is a small business. If you intend to be a businessman – consider the category of supervision.

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