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I'm trying to find a job in the Big Apple and I need a headhunter or an employer who helped me discover a little something in advertising and marketing, commercial advertising for the company, or a small business espcially around the world . I wish the task to remain the Big Apple, New York. I'm not really interested in the website to post my resume as creature, now we are in the majority of them already. I will be hunting for a person who is often a qualified employer or headhunter. I appreciate it. What I noticed was – Hello. I can get the famous scout JobStreet. Net Overall, headhunters are those just presented the positions of open projects, not the company itself. From there, they collect cvs, phone up, if not available or looking for other possibilities at this time, which helps you stay on file until you live is accessible (they call you from time to time to check). I learned to go to them directly (their website) is very nice to significantly develop their circle, anyway he could.

Www. Bookedsolidu. Com – Michael Port video (author of the book yourself solid) of small business marketing seminar – the small business marketing fun, relevant and easy to understand and how to talk about what you do.

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  1. I know an agency that is the basis of promotion around the world. I do not know if you contact them a sportsman of the head (I think it will be both in the commercial aspect of Google. Hehe) but is often a couple of websites of some business we know that those who are very successful.

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