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Almost'm in my last year of high school and am thinking of going to uni for business marketing. I have a general idea of what it is, but can someone explain exactly wat you could be doing with it. Essentially – Business marketing refers to marketing a business, which has been mentioned above is just one aspect of marketing is internet marketing. There are other things you want to learn about marketing as: Market Segmentation Creating marketing strategies in the 4Ps of marketing (price, place, product, promotion) Also things like: Branding Building a strong brand is basically , hanging out with the knowledge to help a company market their services and build your brand. Either that, or you can start your own business that teaches people how to market their products and services. I like the marketing, it's fun.

Still trying to decide their specialty and are wondering what the chances are they will be among a larger or the other? You know how important is to pursue, but. . .

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  1. I have a degree in business marketing, but I do marketing. Search Engine Optimization is my specialty so I focus on companies that are already spending money on Pay-Per-Click and want to get your website on the first page of Google, MSN, Yahoo. . . . EM ALL. It is a lot of fun, you make good money and good, all I do all day is surf the internet and call people to tell them what the best "SEO COMPANY" in Google and how we can get your business to the cima.Slo to get an idea of what it costs the website and search volume on Google alone, go to:

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